Twitter & Social Media In 3D At SXSE

Twitter & Social Media In 3D At SXSE

A whole twitter community in South Florida got together this whole weekend for SXSE. Our lovely @vicequeenmaria hosted this fun event at Pier 66 in Ft. Lauderdale. About a dozen twitter friends flew in from different parts of the country to attend.
This video of of Miguel Lopez, aka @mklopez,  meeting some twitter friends( @malcolli , @loritodd, @latinatwix28) , whom he has been tweeting with for over a year  is a heart warming sight to see and proof that twitter has value.  This was a totally spontaneous moment. So everyone that doesn’t understand twitter and only sees tweets like, ” I just had coffee”, you’re missing out! I can’t wait to show this to one of those friends of mine to show him real connections can be made on in Social Media & Twitter.

SXSE - South By South East
SXSE - South By South East

For more information, here is the SXSE Blog with details of all the events that took place.

Flickr link if you can’t see it here

  • JoeCascio says:

    Great video essay on how people can bond using Twitter. I've had this experience many times, where people who have never in person embrace, get emotional and act in all ways like they're seeing a friend they haven't seen in years.

    For someone like myself, who is not good at “in person” networking with new people, social media has been a godsend. You can get to know someone in baby steps, without all the baggage and protocol of meeting someone cold, including the dreaded how-do-I-exit-this-conversation-and-move-on moment, or the never-ending small talk.
    I know @vicequeenmaria and @preppydude and @yvetteferry and so many others there this weekend for literally years on Twitter but have never met in person. Next SXSE I will make ever effort to be there and do some serious IRL. 🙂

  • Blanca – great catch on that vid!!! You GO Gurl!

  • blancastella says:

    Thanks Carl & Joe. I love catching those spontaneous moments!