Truly Nolen Mouse Car Parade

Truly Nolen Mouse Car Parade

Yesterday, Toby Srebnik (@fsutoby), Social Media manager for Tilson PR put together a fantastic Social Media Campaign for Truly Nolen(@trulynolen), a pest and termite control company that is in several states. Gotta give credit to Jarret Streiner (@jarret23)who came up with the idea.

I grew up in Miami and remember that yellow mouse car very well. So when my friend Maria De Los Angeles aka @vicequeenmaria invited me to be a guest, I was thrilled! Thank you Maria..xoxo.

Good thing I brought my video camera because there was so much activity and funny moments that I couldn’t stop videoing, hence why this video is a few seconds less than the You Tube limit of  10 minutes, 59 seconds and why I wasn’t tweeting that much during the mouse car parade.

Some of the highlights in the video:

  • Christina Tierney’s warm up convo before we left with her funny driver, Rafael. Normally, because I can’t stand the thought of rat talk,  I would never post any rat conversations.  But they both made me laugh and after all that is Truly Nolen’s service.
  • Driving down A1A oceanside  in Ft. Lauderdale and the tourists taking pictures and a local shirtless cycler asking us for Truly Nolen mouse trinkets, t-shirts, stickers etc.. My polite driver, Victor gave him a business card.
  • Emily Taffel-Schaper @emilyontheave fulfilling her dream to hold a live tarantula at Museum of Discovery & Science.  Sorry for all my ewww comments during filming.
  • Amanda Stewart holding a beautiful butterfly
  • Barry the Bug, well known spokesperson for Truly Nolen, talking about how female Black Widow spiders kill their mates.
  • Jarret posing with a  jacket that Pizza Fusion gave him as shwag.
  • Vicequeen Maria’s happy finger bug
  • Toby’s smile at the end when I asked him what he thought of all us Social Media peeps:) and much more..

So you see, that is why it is 10 minutes long! I have much more footage (Orkin car showing up at Pizza Fusion and parking between 2 mouse cars) that maybe later Toby can look through because I think it’s worth making into a Social Media movie where we can all have popcorn and watch at the next Social Media Club South Florida event.

As with all these Social Media events, it was great to meet many more nice people like  finally figuring out that Carolyn’s twitter @bachinaminuet is related to the fact that she is a music therapist. Get it? Bach and Minuet?  Don’t forget to check out Christina’s  video post about the event on her blog. Missing  in the picture below is Tracy Antol @floridafrecks, Stephanie Rodriguez @StephPRbuzz and the men surrounded with all us ladies, Toby & Jarret..aka..idea guy.


The slideshow Flickr pics of the event are here: Truly Nolen Mouse Car Parade Pictures