Testimonials from clients as a Digital Marketing Consultant

“Blanca Stella is terrific as a guide and advisor in the digital marketing world. She has helped me to grow my business dramatically! She gets great results is very personable and is an expert in the field. She is always on time.”

-Jim Fried, Miami, CEO Fried On Business


“Blanca Stella is a marvelously gifted digital communications professional, especially in the social media arena. Her talents both technical and strategic, put her at a high level, yet she is a thoughtful and patient trainer. She presents subjects in an easy to understand way. With a background in business and as an entrepreneur she understands what business is about. She researches opportunities for clients. Blanca is a knowledgeable social media professional and can help you raise your social media presence. I recommend her highly.”

Jill Beach, Miami


“Blanca Stella is very detailed, knowledgeable, and professional. Excellent working skills. Very reliable. I would recommend her services to anyone who would like to learn more about social media marketing. ”

Howard Austin Feld, Miami, President HAFDigital Inc


“Blanca’s creativity and marketing expertise with Social Media has made a huge difference in a short period of time on how the Mind to Heart Institute is being positioned in the Miami coaching marketplace.”

Roberto Suarez, Miami, Mind To Heart Institute


“In the short time I spent with Blanca, it became very clear to me that she knew exactly what she was doing. In the social media space, I have yet to find a person that can, in plan language, explain the “how’s, and why’s” of this new medium. Blanca made this new arena very clear for me to understand. I would highly recommend her for any of your social media needs and I personally look forward to working with her again.”

Matthew Gold, Miami


“Having an expert guide my practice through the maze of social media has been a blessing. My contacts have increased and my success in tapping into the Internet market has been tremendous. Money well spent.”

Ricardo Mejia, MD, Dermatologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon

Jupiter Dermatology and Hair Restoration

  • blancastella says:

    Thank you Jacob! Looking forward to connecting more in Colombia:)

  • ENG
    Before technology, before KLOUT score, before HootSuite and all the munble-jumble related to social media and “the” facebook . . . there is always a person behind the keyboard. Blanca IS that person. Accurate, responsable and 100% approachable. She will make sure you understand everything  in order to take informed decisions in how you want to engage a wider and meaningful audience using SM !  Highly Recomended.  
    Antes de cualquier gadget tecnológico siempre debe existir la persona. Ella dice lo que sabe y sabe lo que dice, explicándolo en un lenguaje sencillo e informativo. Si su meta es usar SM para acercarce a una audiencia latina o bilingüe en el área de Miami, está con la persona correcta. Blanca es nuestra  recomendación.

    Jacob Camelo