Social Media Influence in a Celebrity Tweet

Social Media Influence in a Celebrity Tweet

Last week I attended a Latina blogger conference called We All Grow. You can see my recap post in my personal bilingual blog, Micaminar. Neutrogena was the title sponsor and it was announced there that Eiza Gonzalez was the new spokesmodel for Neutrogena. She is a beautiful 25 year old Mexican actress and singer.


At the Neutrogena suite, many bloggers wanted to take pictures with her. There were so many cameras and people around and I really didn’t want to wait in line. So I managed to take a picture just at the right time when she was posing with Ana Flores, the founder of the conference. It was totally spontaneous. I tweeted it right away without know that Eiza had 1 million followers. I honestly did not know much about Eiza and then I saw my twitter notifcations blow up. Eiza had retweeted and then I got over 100 retweets in that day alone.

Brands look at number of impressions when creating campaigns. Getting a retweet from a celebrity that has over a million followers is a big deal. I saw for the first time the impact of a social media celebrity influencer on my account. I am not saying it to boost my ego because I didn’t get a ton of followers from that retweet. What I am emphasizing is how one celebrity tweet can go a long way when it comes to impressions.

The screenshot above was taken just now, 11 days after the tweet was taken on February 27th. It has had 140 retweets and 193 favorites. Most of the retweets were within 2 days. It was good for my overall impressions on my personal account as well. I had 3.8 million impressions from February 24th through March 2nd. The bulk of the impressions were during the conference from February 26-28th.



I tend to tweet alot during events with alot of pictures, so I usually get some retweets, but usually at the most 5-10 with the approximate 4000 followers I have on that account. I got 119 new followers, but most were from bloggers who attended the conference and were following the event hashtag #weallgrow.

I hope you enjoyed these Twitter stats from just one tweet and how social media influence impacts a brand’s impressions. A tweet like that is short lived, but the number of impressions count for reporting to a brand. I wasn’t getting paid to tweet nor was sponsored by Neutrogina. They had their own hashtag during the event, #mismomentosneutrogena . I  could have tweeted that hashtag and it would have been included in the brands report. But since it was a spontaneous tweet and very in the moment, I forgot. Also, that hashtag is way too long because it take up too much space in a tweet. It is something to consider for brands when creating a hashtag within an event.

Here is the original tweet. Would be interesting to see how many more retweets after 10 days.