Social Media Diversity & My Newfound Online Familias

Social Media Diversity & My Newfound Online Familias

I am going to be moderating a panel at She Con , a blogging conference, on Friday with two friends:

  • Maria de Los Angeles, who has been blogging for over five years at Sex And The Beach and a big part of the local social media community.
  • Jeannette Kaplun, of  Todo Bebe and a TV host on Viva La Familia on Univision.

The topic is going to be Diversity In Social Media.  While preparing for this topic, I found this presentation by Jason Buss of  Talent HQ.(   Not only does he present some good stats about Social Media, but gives a breakdown on the large amount of diversity  groups on Linked In and Facebook. (See Slides 15 and 16).

I am very involved in Latism, Latinos In Social Media,  which is the largest non-profit  Hispanic Social Media organization online. I will also be one of the directors for the South Florida Chapter which will be launching within the next month. Latism’s mission is:

  • To represent, influence and engage the voice of Latino(a)s in all social media platforms.
  • To educate and provide learning opportunities to those involved with LATISMTo foster leadership among its members.
  • To actively seek and create social media related jobs in order to ensure that Hispanic social media professionals play a proactive role in this new workforce.
  • To provide a common platform of support and networking
  • To help promote and grow members’ businesses, helping social media professional members to acquire better positions and improve their businesses by finding and channeling business, funding, networking and/or speaking opportunities.
  • To cultivate talent at every stage in the pipe-line: ensuring that people are able to get into the pipe-line & learn the basics, mentoring and working with those mid-pipeline and promoting emerging talent & experts.
  • To encourage new members to blog and master their own social media space.

When I first dived into blogging three years ago, Latism didn’t even exist. Latism started out because of a tweet that Latism’s founder, Ana Roca Castro, sent out saying, “Donde esta mi gente?” (Or something to that effect) which translates to:  “Where are the Latino’s here?”  I will be writing more about how I got started with Latism on a later post when the chapter is launched.

Now, going back to the topic of diversity in Social Media, I never imagined that I would be so involved in the online Latino community.  Because I grew up in Miami, where speaking Spanish is more of the norm, I didn’t really experience some of the discrimination that many Latinos do in other states.  After having conversations with many on Latism’s huge Twitter party Thursday nights, I realized I was in a bubble here in Miami. And now, I am very excited to know all the diverse Latino groups and learn about their issues.

So you see,  this topic of diversity hits home, because I am a Latina even though I never labeled myself as this growing up in Miami. I am of Colombian heritage and first generation gringa Colombiana.  Besides all the wonderful Latinos I have met online, my universe is expanding all because of Social Media and the little blog I started on the side almost two years ago, Mi Caminar, which is now fully bilingual. This is besides the wonderful local tech and social media community I have met here. ( I tweet on @miamishines and @micaminar).

Mi Caminar, which translates to My Walk, started in Spanish to connect with my Colombian roots with cousins who live in Colombia. But now it has grown to a bigger family, my Latism family, my Latina Blogger Connect Hermanas, my  Latina Lifestyle Bloggers, all of whom I connect on a regular basis on Twitter with respective hashtags, #latism, #latinabloggers #llblog and in  Facebook groups where hundreds of bloggers form even deeper bonds.

Some other sources regarding diversity in Social Media I will be referencing at the conference  and will be doing a recap post after the conference:

Great post with statistics by ethnic groups:  Social Media Diversity Problem

Incredible resources on this post by Wayne Sutton, who I met at Blogalicious and has been passionate about raising awareness to the Black and African American community in Social Media :  Conversation About The Lack of Diversity .

Diversity in disabilities through a dear friend and blogger, Laurita Tellado, who is tireless in her spreading the message of Spina Bifida Awareness on her blog, Holdin Out For A Hero.

A post by Jay Baer called Blinded By The White. He  mentions that when he went to SXSW the majority of people were white and between 25-39 years old, and  went to SXSW and says: “I’m actually an old fart in social media circles.” I don’t know how old Jay is, but I guess I am also in that old fart category, maybe nearing ancient.  But who cares, because of Social Media, I am a reborn enthusiastic blogger ready to take on the world.;)

Update: I met Debra Kronowitz today at Women’s Empowerment. She is a PR professional and gave me this link which actually has higher statistics than Latinos for certain uses in Social Media :

Mobile Access 2010: Pew Internet Study:

By the way, if any of you reading this are recruiters, like ahem..Jason Buss, I can connect you with hundreds of talented people in the Social Media  Latino community who are always looking for new clients or work, including myself.

If you have any thoughts on Social Media diversity, please speak up and share, and if it is before this Friday, I will mention it at the panel. Thanks.