Happy To Teach a Beginner Social Media Class At AARP’s #destino2013

Happy To Teach a Beginner Social Media Class At AARP’s #destino2013

I was invited to teach a beginner social media workshop yesterday at AARP’s   I Am Destino initiative at Miami Dade Community College in Spanish. One of my passions in life is to inspire and empower others. By sharing my passion of how I got started in Social Media, I was able to get others inspired to get involved by sharing that the most important thing is  to have a mind set of sharing and contributing vs marketing. Sure, everyone wants to eventually market something, but I feel this critical to getting started on the right foot.

The format was live with everyone on a computer. We set up a business Facebook page and a Twitter account in the one hour session. About 95% of them were total newbies and after it was done, the first question asked was “When is the next session?” They are so hungry for the knowledge!



I Am Destino’s purpose is to develop Leaders in the United States. The event was both in English and in Spanish with a simultaneous translator present.  AARP is going to offer 25 scholarships for a leadership program in 2014 available to those that attended yesterday.

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The last session of the day was a very inspiring one. There were about 20 tables of 10 people each who created a vision board with a theme. The board was in the form of a puzzle.  Once created, a person from the table went up to the front to share their vision board.

Here is one of them by Christina Guzma of Soluciones Onda Latina:

At the end of the session, all the boards, which were in the shape of a puzzle were put together in a short time. The energy in the room was sky high! Some of the focus words were : Justice, Compassion, Hope, Family, Fulfillment, Contribution, Will Power and Believe.

I was inspired…my week was complete! 🙂

Here is a storify of some of the tweets:


  • BohemianBabushka says:

    What a day! I can just imagine how much you were inspired- and how much YOU inspired others!! Hope to attend a class given by you; you are a wealth of information and a Bella on all levels. BB2U

  • blancastella says:

    Thanks Sonia…! It was fun and I realized I do love to share and teach. Happy to help anytime you want 🙂

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