Search Engine Optimization

There are different terms to out there, SEO and SMO. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This is utilizing competitive keywords in your niche with your content so you can be found in the search engines. It doesn’t help you to try to rank with a keyword that will be very difficult to rank for on the first page of Google.

I do in depth analysis of keyword phrases to find the best terms to use in your content for a better chance of ranking higher in the search engines. Additionally, I check the top 10 websites that are ranking in your niche to give you a clearer picture of where you stand on the web and give you realistic phrases to use so your investment in developing content doesn’t go to waste.

SMO is Social Media Optimization, which is being able to rank well in the search engines by having a social site that is easily shareable by your readers. (i.e. Facebook Share, Linked In Share, Facebook Like buttons easily visible on your posts.) This is critical since Google has changed their algorithms in the past year for social search. All these applications are included in my website packages.

Sample SEO services to optimize your content:

Keyword research in your niche for optimized titles and content in your blog posts

  • Create a good description in the amount of characters needed for Google results
  • Competition Analysis
  • All YouTube content will be optimized for SEO
  • Flickr Images will be optimized for SEO
  • Company blog will be optimized for SEO
  • Social bookmarks will be optimized for SEO
  • Structure tweets as informative and interesting for conversation, in addition to containing relevant keywords

Here is a good video about Search Engine Optimization from Matt Cutts, who is one of the top providers of information about Google because he works there.