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Social Media Training & Consulting in Miami

Whether you are a large corporation or small business, Social Media requires your authentic presence so you can listen and participate in online conversations.  It is necessary to create your voice as well as to be alerted of what is being spoken about your brand or your competition.

There are many tools and platforms to monitor these conversations so you can respond quickly and create excellent customer service. Many tasks can be delegated to support staff to manage your brand.

I provide group or individual Social Media training for anyone from a large corporation or small business enterprise. Are  you a busy entrepreuner or executive that has no time to learn Social Media? No problem, I can train your staff and team.

I can help you integrate and weave all your digital online content through the social media platforms. This includes photos, video, audio and text. All this content has to be described properly and tagged with targeted keywords in your market.

General Social Media Training Topics:

Social Media Optimization

  • What is SMO (Social Media Optimization) and how do you measure it
  • What tools(free and paid) are available to manage your brand and measure ROI
  • How to monitor the feedback from your customers
  • How do you track conversations of bloggers in your industry and how to connect & participate with them
  • How do you know what keywords to tag in your content
  • How do you create and implement an Social Media engagement plan

Project Management

  • How to  maintain your online presence
  • How to  create a publishing schedule for your digital content

Social Networks Set Up

  • How to set up all your Social Media profiles
  • How to set up alerts for keywords in your market or niche


  • What is Twitter etiquette
  • How to use Twitter the right way
  • How to use Twitter from your mobile device
  • What is the best way to engage with Twitter followers
  • How can you get organic Twitter followers and have them reply to you
  • How to create community
  • How to host a local tweetup and host and event
  • How to search for businesses in your niche using hashtags (#)


  • How to set up a business Facebook Fan Page
  • How to engage with your Fans once your page is set up
  • What are the best applications to use for a Fan Page (creating polls, contests, promotions)
  • How can you customize your Fan Page
  • How can you find groups in your area of interest on Facebook

Other Social Networks

  • How can you utilize Flickr photo sharing for your business
  • How can you use social bookmarking (i.e., Stumbleupon and Digg)
  • What are other Social Media platforms that you can use for your business ( i.e.,
  • What platforms are available so you can use Social Media via your cell phone and email (i.e. and and how do you set it up.
  • How can you distribute your videos in various video sharing services without appearing as duplicate content
  • How to use Foursquare in business or personal use
  • How can Linked In benefit you or your company
  • What applications can I use on Linked In to distribute your content automatically

Additionally, set up of your website via a WordPress blog ( See Blog Marketing page) can facilitate the integration through all the platforms utilizing various plug-in, widgets, links, rss feeds, email list building and much more.

Once you have your content online, it is important to engage and connect with your target audience, business associates, networks, and friends. An initial investment of time, team effort and focusing on the end result will get you closer to your vision. The details can be implemented step by step through organized project management.

If you are ready to take the next step in your online presence, contact me at blanca @blanca to set up a consultation so we can work together to help you and your company streamline and manage your online visibility.

Contact: 305-710-1311 or Toll free 1-877-373-3507 I am also available via Skype if you are not local to Miami, Florida:
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An example of one of my clients that I helped create the complete Social Media presence, online content and optimization for search engine organic (free) placement in local search:

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Jupiter Dermatology & Hair Restoration