Reputation Management & Monitoring

Are you monitoring what is being said about you or your brand, or are you sticking your head in the sand and leave your online reputation to chance? What about your competition? Did you know that you can get the pulse of what is going on in your market by observing what your competition is doing in Social Media and Online Marketing.

In order to maintain a positive image and perception, you must monitor your brand. Your reputation on the internet is very important. You can utilize the social platforms for great customer service, even for complaints. Anything can be transformed into a positive with transparent communication. This will give potential prospects a reason to contact you over your competition.

There are many tools free tools to super expensive elaborate tools with all the bells and whistles for full reporting of reach, impressions, analytics and sentiment for your brand. For a free half hour consultation, please send me a message via the contact form or via Skype at blanca.stella.mejia

Social Media Account Support Services:


  • Optimize profile
  • Personalize Twitter page with company Logo & colors
  • Create a schedule of regular Tweets
  • Set up alerts & track keywords related to your business
  • Find and follow people in your target audience/niche
  • Build rapport & relationships with followers
  • Promote company meetings, events, articles & blog posts


  •  Optimize profile
  • Monitor and update inbox
  • Promote company meetings & events
  • Post articles & blog entries
  • Identify target market & add to network
  • Identify niche groups to join & monitor


  • Optimize profile
  • Monitor & update personal page
  • Promote company meetings & events
  • Post articles & blog entries
  • Identify target market & add to network
  • Join and monitor niche related groups/pages
  • Create Company Fanpage and monitor/update
  • Set up Facebook Page applications & Custom I Frame Apps
  • Set up Facebook contests and polls using various applications