Blog Marketing

Blog Marketing Miami

Social Media is here to stay. You simply have no more excuses to not dive into  Blog Marketing which also encompasses Social Media.  But many people ask:  “Where do I start in Social Media?” Yes, it can get confusing because there is so much out there. By spending some valuable time to set up properly, you will find that this is the best thing in the world and you will be wondering why you didn’t do it before!

Nowadays, a website using the WordPress platform is THE way to go to create your presence in what is referred to Web 2.0. It is a blog and a website all in one. That means that your website is not a static website sitting in the dark ages. Soon your Web 2.0 site will be alive and brimming with pictures, audio, video, interesting articles in your niche and you will have a seamless way of sharing your fantastic content through all the social networks, namely Twitter, Facebook and Linked in.  That is how you start blog marketing – by creating unique and original content.

Ready? Let’s get rolling.  The following services Social Media marketing services in Miami are available as one-on-one or group training or it can be set up for you virtually. You decide. The important thing to remember is to take action now and dive in and become empowered in the digital world. My training is focused on Social Media and Blog Marketing. I also help you to optimize your content for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

General Training Topics:

  • How to set up your blog on your own domain
  • Tips for creating your own original content
  • Optimization of blog post with correct title tags, meta keywords and description
  • How to find good long tail keywords to be able to compete on Google for organic results
  • How to add plugins, configure and  update on your blog
  • Best plug ins for SEO
  • Must have plug ins for your blog
  • Mobile phone set up – How to configure your website so you can blog from your smart phone
  • How to Use Flickr and embed slideshows into your blog
  • How to add your blog feed in Facebook and Linked In
  • How to add widgets, social icons and links
  • How to back up your blog
  • How to use C-panel in your hosting company to add files via FTP
  • How to properly tag images for SEO
  • How to embed You Tube videos into your blog
  • How to add widgets on your sidebars
  • How to set up google analytics and other website tracking on your site
  • How to submit to article directories for backlinks and good “link juice’
  • How to create optimized keyword rich anchor text in your links
  • How to submit your website to the main web directories

Once that is set up, if you want to take it to the next level such as creating a social network community, developing an IPhone application, member site, branding, PR, copyrighting, editors, programmers, coders, designers, graphic artists  etc., I can refer you to the many talented people who are experts in these fields. Many are local to the South Florida Tech community or others whom I have connected with online.