Pros and Cons of Facebook and Instagram – Perspectives from Two Millennials

The other day during our Thanksgiving celebration, I heard my sister in law’s nephews talking about how they like Instagram more than Facebook. Since I had interviewed my niece a few weeks ago on her preference of Instagram, I got them to kindly oblige to be on video for another blog post. Thank you Danny and Dylan for sharing your thoughts.

Danny shared that Facebook is more about sharing with family than interests. He feels that Facebook will not go away even though they have lost some of their cool factor. Danny got married a month ago. Facebook was the main platform he used for this lifetime milestone. He also has interests in cigars but prefers to share that interest on Instagram.

Dylan started out saying that he could not give up his Facebook profile. But the reasoning was interesting. It was more about the convenience of having all his logins to Spotify, Instagram and others through Facebook. It makes it easier for him not to forget his passwords. But when I asked him where he engages more, the answer was Instagram. (more…)

Social Media at Democracy in The Americas Symposium #ditas13

I was honored recently to work for the  Zambrano Foundation for two days live Tweeting and posting on Facebook on their behalf. They hosted the Democracy in the Americas Symposium. I have done this before at other conferences like Festival of Media and Portada.  But for some reason, I was kind of nervous mainly because the topic was completely different than the regular conferences I go to. And while at most conferences, I am totally impressed with all the speaker credentials, here I found myself in a conference with Ex-Presidents of Latin America!



Visit the Ditas Symposium page for all the photos and updates. Here are some of them:


Ditas Symposium was hosted by the Zambrano Foundation whose mission is the following:

To develop, promote and empower innovative social and education programs where disenfranchised societies can strengthen democracy, equality, economic development, arts and culture.


It was started by Jose Zambrano, a Venezuelan who shared a moving personal story and his life being threatened in Venezuela after Chavez took over.  His passion is to bring back real democracy in Latin America. (more…)

Time Challenges In This Digital World

Group vision board creation at #destino2013

Today I was going to skip the 30 Day Social Media Blog Challenge #smcsfblog. I have so many things to do, yet when I do sit and take a few minutes and blog, I know I love it and am happy.  I have been blogging for five years and even though it has not been consistent because I work full time as a Social Media Consultant and Community Manager, my passion is what propels me to sit and write.

What I find with most clients I consult with who are beginning in social media and the blogging component that comes with it (if they choose to add that to the mix),  just freeze and don’t do anything. They listen to the suggestions, but do not implement mainly because of lack of time or resources to hire someone to do it for them.  I usually tell people that they have to dive in and make that commitment at least in the first year to get in a flow. (more…)

My Teen Niece Shares How She Uses Social Media

This recent video on CNN about Facebook becoming a wasteland for teens says that they are leaving Facebook and going to other social networks like Instagram and Twitter. Well, I have known this for a few years since my niece who is now 18 told me this about two years ago. At that time she thought Facebook had become boring.

The CNN video centered on the fact that alot of teens don’t necessarily want to be on Facebook where their parents and grandparents now hang out. I decided to give her a call about how she uses Social Media.

In summary, this is what she said:

Twitter- Not private
Instagram- Private

– She is using mainly Instagram because of the pictures and the apps for the ability to edit her own pictures and  add captions. She also likes the video feature.

– With Facebook, she says there is so much to do and that it’s time consuming where on Instagram, you just upload the picture and add a hashtag. I mentioned to her that you can just upload a picture on Facebook as well.  Based on what she said, I am guessing that she likes Instagram because it doesn’t have all those status updates about what people are doing. She says there is too much going on in Facebook. She prefers simplicity. (more…)

Happy To Teach a Beginner Social Media Class At AARP’s #destino2013

I was invited to teach a beginner social media workshop yesterday at AARP’s   I Am Destino initiative at Miami Dade Community College in Spanish. One of my passions in life is to inspire and empower others. By sharing my passion of how I got started in Social Media, I was able to get others inspired to get involved by sharing that the most important thing is  to have a mind set of sharing and contributing vs marketing. Sure, everyone wants to eventually market something, but I feel this critical to getting started on the right foot.

The format was live with everyone on a computer. We set up a business Facebook page and a Twitter account in the one hour session. About 95% of them were total newbies and after it was done, the first question asked was “When is the next session?” They are so hungry for the knowledge!



I Am Destino’s purpose is to develop Leaders in the United States. The event was both in English and in Spanish with a simultaneous translator present.  AARP is going to offer 25 scholarships for a leadership program in 2014 available to those that attended yesterday.

Follow @destinoleaders on Twitter.

The last session of the day was a very inspiring one. There were about 20 tables of 10 people each who created a vision board with a theme. The board was in the form of a puzzle.  Once created, a person from the table went up to the front to share their vision board.

Here is one of them by Christina Guzma of Soluciones Onda Latina:


SMCSF Blog Challenge Starts & I Am Planning on Being Like Buddha


Well hello everyone….it’s been a busy year and here I am taking on the Social Media Club South Florida blogging challenge. To see all the other fellow bloggers, just f0llow the hashtag #smcsfblog. Don’t forget to click on “All” on the Twitter search, so you can see all the posts.

Whenever I go to an event and see my social media friends, I say ” I haven’t had time for blogging!” But the reality is that most of my work time for the past 15 months has been as a community manager for Microsoft FUSE Labs, Socl , pronounced social. This animated gif is one of the posts I did today.

So while I have not been on my blog or Twitter as much, I have been micro blogging in a way. I create easily between 10-20 posts in a day on any subject that interests me besides being a community manager where I interact with people all over the world. It is a fun job that has unleashed a lot of my creativity. But most important, I have had the the privilege to see the behind the scenes workings of how a social media network is built with an awesome team!

So I am going to stop saying, I don’t have time…because Buddha says…there is not time. Right? 😉
I’m up for the challenge and make this fun! 🙂

Oh and P.S., here is another one I did today because it is TGIF! Happy Friday everyone! If you want to know about Socl, check out this page.

Hashtag on Jimmy Fallon

Hashtags are mainstream! If you are not in social media, check out this funny video making fun of what hashtags look like animated.

Social Media Outreach From Space – Astronaut Chris Hadfield

Update May 14, 2014  Tweet from Chris Hadfield yesterday that he only had the rights to the song for one year, so the video was made private. 🙁

There is a hashtag created today for this because people want the video to stay up!

Ironically, supposedly 12 years ago David Bowie said this in 2002:


The other day someone shared a video of the Astronaut , Chris Hadfield, Commander of Expedition 35 playing the guitar to David Bowie’s song, Space Oddity. It totally mesmerized me and at first, I didn’t know he was actually a real astronaut!

As of today, this video which was published in May of this year has almost 18 million views. He also published a video before this discussing how he is able to share pictures from space in an instant and tweet them out. Out of all the social media case studies I have seen, as a space and star lover, this one is my absolute favorite social media outreach example. See the video below where he dicusses how he uses Social Media. I am now a happy subscriber to his You Tube channel which has about 173,000 subscribers.

His Twitter as of today has almost a million followers.


So all of us are not astronauts. But we each have a unique talent to share. If you dare, social media can be a great platform to share who you are.

Hispana Leadership Summit – A Women’s Empowerment Event

I was invited by Televisa Publishing to this fabulous event in Orlando. I have so much to say about it, but this week is another event at Latism National Conference in New York. So for now, enjoy the pictures. September is a crazy month!

Millennial Panel at Latism 13

Latism National conference is just in two days and am super excited because Natascha and I, who are the Co-Directors of the South Florida Latism Chapter have organized a panel titled “ Millennials: Creative Socialable and Largest Market Since Baby Boomers” . We are both proud mom’s of Millennial son’s. Natascha’s son, a communications graduate,  just got a job at a large Hispanic Agency. My son is in his third year at Florida International University studying Marketing.

Ford en Espanol has given five scholarships for the first Ambassador program to these five Milllennials which gives them an opportunity to expand in their new careers and in some cases plan for the future since some are still in College. Make sure to follow our Tweets with the hashtag #FordMillennials. One of the Ambassadors, Lupita Riestra wrote a blog post sharing her excitement for the trip.

Here Ana Roca Castro, founder of Latism speaks with Jorge Ramos on Univision al Punto explaining the power of individual voices throught the #latism hashtag:

So make sure to follow our Tweets, Instagrams, Facebook, G+ posts and hope you can share this with your friends!

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