UE Boom And Some Fun Ways To Use It


I am so excited to share a review of the UE Boom because last year, I was eyeing it at Verizon and reallllyyyy wanted to give it to my son as a Christmas present. As I mentioned in my recent post, my 21 year old son, Sal, is a music fanatic. He is constantly streaming music from his phone and  prefers to listen to music than watch TV. In fact, the only time he sits to watch TV is to watch sports like the Miami Heat basketball game.

The main app he uses the most is Soundcloud because it has very little advertising compared to Pandora and Spotify. Soundcloud’s ads show up like sponsored posts in Facebook, but not all the time. He says that Soundcloud is the place where musicians put their music first. Check out his profile so you can see what artists he follows. The genres are deep house, future base, experimental and tropical house.Continue reading

My Son, the Music Man, Demoing the LG Tone Wireless Headphone

Ever since I got the LG Tone Wireless Headphones a few weeks ago, my son pretty much hijacked them from me. He is a music fanatic, always streaming music at home and everywhere he goes. Here he gives a demo and shares how he uses them. His favorite app to stream is Soundcloud.   One of the cool ways he uses them is when he goes to the gym. He leaves his smart phone in the locker and can work out without having to hold the phone or place it nearby some weights where it could be crushed or even stolen. Since gym clothes normally don’t have pockets, this wireless feature is super convenien!  And if you noticed in the video, he mentioned washing the dishes as well. Good thing I trained him to help with the housework! Now he cleans away with his favorite music streaming. 😉 lg-tone-headphones-verizonContinue reading

Elizabeth Gilbert Loving Miami!

Elizabeth Gilbert who is the best selling author of Eat Love Pray and a worldwide traveler gave Miami a big shout out saying how much she loves it. I just thought it was cool since I am a Miami girl all my life.

And because I am an avid Twitterer, some of my Tweets got featured on the main stage and on the outside stage. That was really cool!


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Social Media Friends – Real Connections

When I first started this social media blog for my freelance business, I was trying to figure out a tagline. I wanted a tagline that represented who I am. So on my banner, I put “Create Authentic Connections Thru Online Platforms.”

We were celebrating a birthday and while it was a small group of friends, like anything in life, it is the quality, not quantity that counts. Sometimes in social media, people get so caught up in how many followers they have. Sure it helps in a certain way so you have more reach for what you want to share. But I always go for quality followers vs amount of followers. That day, Alex share this quote and it provides the sentiment of quality.

I think if I’ve learned anything about friendship, it’s to hang in, stay connected, fight for them, and let them fight for you. Don’t walk away, don’t be distracted, don’t be too busy or tired, don’t take them for granted. Friends are part of the glue that holds life and faith together. Powerful stuff.” ~Jon Katz


Don’t Hire Me For My Potential, But For What I Have Already Done

The words in the title of this post, “Don’t hire me for my potential, but for what I already have done,” are in this video which was shared by a friend on Facebook. Her daughter, Teri Arvesu is the News Director for Univision in Chicago. Her comment is in the 5 minute, 15 second mark, but make sure you listen to the whole six minutes! She shares her journey from 11 years old to now.  The You Tube channel where the video is uploaded is the  Illinois Center for Broadcasting. So it seems that she is speaking to young adults who are soon to be in the workplace for the first time.

As an executive, Teri says that when she sees applicants that also have a website, blog or even a You Tube channel, it impresses her. This is exactly what I have been telling my son in the past few years. He is a senior at Florida International University (FIU) and is majoring in Marketing and International Business. Because he is one year away from being in the workforce, I decided during his break in between Spring and Summer semester to take him to various conferences that I got invited to as media.

My initial idea was for him to connect with agencies for an internship in the summer. We created a website with his own name about a year ago as part of his extended resume. We also got business cards printed with his name, website and title: FIU Marketing Student, Class of 2015. He gave them out to various people he met at the conferences, which included AHAA(Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies), Portada and Wordcamp Miami (where I was one of the speakers).

Happy Mothers Day everyone! I’ m stoked my son is here at Wordcamp Miami learning & of course watching me speak #wcmia

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Verizon Ellipsis 7 Tablet With My Coffee Time & More

I recently became a Verizon Ambassador Program. It is a group of influencers who receive equipment from Verizon to review. You can check out all the awesome links that myfellow ambassadors post on the #VZWBuzz hashtag

I am very excited about this not only because I love technology and gadgets, but also because I have been a very loyal Verizon customer for 20 years! Yes, that’s right…two decades! I was able to choose my number at that time. It was Primeco then, before Verizon bought them. I have found their customer service in their stores to be top notch and over the phone as well throughout all these years.

Last year, I did extensive research on all the different carriers when I was looking to possibly save some money. Even though I could have saved some money, I decided to stay with Verizon because of the quality of calls, coverage areas and much more. I think I spent hours just reading comments in forums. Anyway, that calls for  another blog post.

My cell phone is critical when talking to someone on the phone because I dropped my landline a long time ago. So my current LG G2 is my mobile office along with my laptop and now, the Ellipsis Tablet which I am going share how I use it.

I am not a coffee junkie, but I am a coffee addict for my only one cup of morning Colombian coffee a day. I cannot go a day without my little ritual, no matter how busy I am. For this favorite time of the day, I always reserve at least 30-45 minutes minutes. And I make breakfast too which is supposed to be your most important meal of the day. Why rush the morning? We only live once. And my little chihuahuas, Zorro and Maya get to get some hug time too.

That is when I also take time to read the news online with my tablet. I used to read newspapers but I would end up with piles of papers of interesting articles that I didn’t have time to read, so I ditched the messy piles a few years ago and now I have a tablet with my favorite apps: Pocket, Buffer and Evernote to share to my social media channels and save articles.


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Techie Problems

This video is super cool, but also reminds me to keep my back straight so we don’t become slouches and also causes belly bulge. Good thing I am pretty disciplined to go to the gym and get a massage occasionally. My masseuse told me that my upper back tightness is partially due to having the arms in the front of the body for a long time. Now, when I go to the gym, I make extra stretches making full circles with my arms up and towards my back. Try it! It feels good.

On My Way To Ford Trends 2014 in Detroit!

I am super exciting to the invitation Ford Motor Company has extended to me for the second year to attend their Ford Trends Conference in Detroit!

The topics will be:

  • Decoding Design
  • Sustainability
  • Big Data
  • Female Frontier

I will be Tweeting from @micaminar and my Instagram @micaminar , so make sure you follow me to keep up to date. The hashtag is #fordtrends.

Besides that, our Ford Millennials will be there too!


And can’t wait to what they will be unveiling!

Social Media Club South Florida Speed Networking

Yesterday I was part of Social Media Club South Florida Speed Networking Event. This was a different setting than most of our events which are usually speakers or panels. We had over 60 attendees and 10 tables with rounds lasting about 20 minutes. I was the person moderating the blogging table.

Some of the topics I covered were:

  • Blogging networks for sponsored posts
  • How to connect with people in social media once a blog is set up ( Twitter parties, hashtags in specific niche, Facebook groups)
  • How to create a specific voice for a brand and should a brand have a blog.
  • How should a brand create more social good.
  • How to be found on Google. ( I also do SEO and Local Search besides Social Media Consulting)

Besides the how to’s, I shared how important it is to be consistent and not give up. My blogs are not so big with a ton of traffic, but I have built a great social influence online and offline because I attend many events in my niche and continue the conversations online. It has been a process of growing it organically. One step at a time.Continue reading