Launch Pad Tech Panel

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I attended a tech panel at the University of Miami Launch Pad. The Launch Pad provides resources to entrepreuneurs and inventors.  David DiCillo and Alan Knitowski of Phunware spoke about mobile apps. Brian Breslin was the moderator. Other speakers were Yanier(also known as Niero )Gonzalez creator of Destructoid, a very popular gaming site. Niero grew up in Hialeah and shared his story of his dreams to make his site successful.Continue reading

Social Media 4 Social Change

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Last night I volunteered for the first Social Media for Social Change event in Miami to benefit the Camillus House, a local non-profit which benefits the homeless. was started in Boston by Gradon Trip. It is an online grassroots movement to harness online social media tools and host offline fundraising events.

Twitter Power At A Pizza Cookoff Contest

Last week, The Sun Sentinel hosted a Pizza Cookoff Contest at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in Aventura, FL . @miklamonica was one of the five chosen to make a pizza for this cookoff. And he invited all his local twitter friends to support him. He had some T-shirts printed with the words, “Where’s The Beef ?”, since he was making a beef pizza. Because so many of us went, he was the lucky winner! Now, that’s Twitter Power. Don’t you think?

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Future of Twitter: Predictions by Loic LeMeur

Loic LeMeur says in this recent post on Mashable that Twitter will replace SMS and chat. He speaks about his predictions for the future of Twitter. Twitter is one of the first platforms with open conversations and being really transparent. But he says private updates will be bigger than public. This is an interesting insight from a top social media app developer. He also talks about other subjects: dating, local search and corporate brand tweeting, hyper local news sites and more.

In the last 30 seconds, he says the most important thing: It is all about you, being real and yourself, not about the tools.

Social Or Media?

My friend @murrayiz interviewed Christina Tierney, founder of SMCPBC Social Media Club Palm Beach County). He asked her what was her preference: Social or Media? She answered social. I agree. Media is the platform to create your content of your expertise and your talent. But what good is it if you are not connecting with people in a real way? I truly believe social is the way to go and the rest will come later. Whatever product or service you have will come to you naturally when people know who you are and trust you. It’s all about relationships first.

Twitter Tips from Chris Brogan & Julien Smith

This is a great video of Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, co-authors of Trust Agents. I haven’t finished reading the book, but so far of what I have read it has some great insights about new media. They share some tips about the quality of your twitter followers and the importance of engaging with them. They say it is more important to have 500 followers that care about what you have to say than 100,000.

Where’s The Party?

I thought I would start off my blog with some humor. I heard someone say to treat social media as if you were going to a party. Would you enter a room, start mingling with people and immediately start hacking your product? Hopefully not. Ideally, you would simply start to engage with people and get to know them. Of course, if you go to the corner of the room and become a fly on the wall, what’s the point of being there?Continue reading

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