IBM InterConnect Recap

IBM InterConnect Recap


I attended my first IBM conference, IBM InterConnect in Las Vegas last month. Many of the sessions were live streamed on IBMGO including general session presentations on Digital and IT Transformation. Also, there were many breakout sessions which include topics Hybrid Cloud, Mobile, IOT, IT Service Management, Watson and much more.  It asks you for a login, but it’s completely free. This is just the content for IBM InterConnect. As you dig deeper with all the IBM offerings, you will be amazed at everything they are doing. It’s massive.

This is at the MGM grand, one of the general sessions which holds 16,000 people. The conference was held also at Mandalay Bay.


Since I started IBM, I launched the social media strategy for IBM Systems Latin America. Recently, my job role changed to being the social content and influencer lead for IBM Power Systems which are servers for things like supercomputers. For example, IBM Watson runs on Power Systems. You can see more about Power Systems here or one of the social channels I manage. IBM Power Systems is a segment of the IBM Systems Business Unit.

This is a Z Systems  mainframe server at InterConnect, I started a fun hashtag #hugamainframe. This is also the division that my good friend Alex de Carvalho works in.

And it led Tamara McCleary to do the same. Power Systems, Z Systems and IBM Storage are all part of IBM Systems which is all the hardware that IBM sells andI work in that business unit.


IBM hosts huge conferences. This one is one of the largest and was attended by approximately 25,000 people! IBM is in the process of transforming itself into a Cognitive and Cloud service company. In future posts, I will start sharing more of what I have learned in the past eight months. It is massive! I am very excited about all the innovation going on.


This is a good video from Ginny Rometty when she spoke at CES 2016 in January so you can get an idea of what IBM is involved in. An example,  IBM is changing the world with cognitive computing in the medical industry like curing cancer and diabetes.

Marvin the Robot was a fun discovery.

And let’s not forget the finale! Elton John!!

Lastly, I want to say that I am very lucky to have a brilliant, kind, fun loving manager, Tiffany Winman. She is the worldwide manager for IBM Systems for social and analytics. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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