Facebook Advertising And The Cost To Get A Customer

by Blanca Stella on February 2, 2011

Recently I have been implementing with one of my customers targeted Facebook “likes” to the fan page using geo targeted advertising. This is targeting an ad on Facebook by Region, city and age group.  In one month, the “likes” increased by over 50%. My client is a small business with less than 500 likes, so this was a huge amount in such a short time. I believe the cost of advertising was less than $300.
Additionally, we started implementing a landing page to the website instead of simply “liking” the Fan Page. This has resulted in over 10 contacts with phone numbers and emails.

This video interview from the Wall Street Journal talks about the cost of getting a fan which they say is about $1.07 and more if you are targeting more specific. This goes in line with my client’s results. He’s happy because he is reaching a very specific group of people in his hometown.
Additionally, because we have implemented a regular content development program in this last year, those potential customers can now view his website that contains great content, video full of educational material.

I’m wondering how much of a conversion we would have had if it was just a landing page that said: Click here, put your email. The reason I say this is because I stress the importance of providing value. So you have an ad and finally they land on your site. Hopefully, there is some valuable content that will make them see that you are a real person sharing a good product or service.

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