Why adding content curation to your content marketing makes sense

Why adding content curation to your content marketing makes sense

I recently spoke at Florida Social Conference which was held at Florida International University on the topic of content curation.


Content curation is an important element that is often overlooked within organizations mostly because various teams are creating so much of their own content and this strategy is often left at the bottom of the list.

Like an art curator that collects the best art for their gallery, a good content curator cherry picks the best and most relevant content for their industry and shares it directly on their social media channels, includes it as a reference in a blog post linking to the actual content itself or including it in your email newsletter of the top news of the week.

It sets you up as an authority on a specific topic.

With so much data and content on a daily basis, you can be known as a great resource for content your audience is looking for. By taking the time to sort and find the best content your audience is looking for, they will look at you as a go to brand.

Your social media footprint is diversified.

By mixing things up on your social media feed, your digital presence will become less of a look at me push marketing brand and more of an organic community style feed. In social media, many brands make the mistake of posting only their content. Pull your readers in by being seen as an expert in your field.

You save on resources in creating original content.

Let’s face it, creating original content day in and day can eat up your budget in no time. By sharing content with proper attribution, you will look like a rock star. Even retweets with comments works well and shows the content creator that you took the time to read their post. This works well when you are in a research phase for finding influencers and will gain you an easy follower.

Here is the presentation from the event I spoke at.

Update January, 2018. Storify no longer will be supported.

Curation Tools at Florida Social Conference