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Curated Content from Social Media Day South Florida

Social Media day was a huge success with 423 attendees. I've been super busy to write the whole recap, so for now, here are some curated tweets and Instagram posts plus the video of Commissioner Holness with the Proclamation from the City of Ft. Lauderdale designating Social Media Day South Florida.



Mashable Social Media Day South Florida Celebration


I’m very excited to be co-organizing Social Media Day South Florida  this year. This is an event that is promoted by Mashable and any city in the world can host their own Social Media Day.

We have been celebrating for the past five years and this year, it will be at the Hyatt Pier 66 in Ft. Lauderdale. Besides being a part of the team, I will also be speaking on getting up to speed in SEO.


Social Media Day was started very grassroots by the local social media influencers. It has grown to a full fledged day with over 30 local speakers of topics in everything digital. Check out the schedule here and don’t forget to get your tickets! (more…)

Pros and Cons of Facebook and Instagram – Perspectives from Two Millennials

The other day during our Thanksgiving celebration, I heard my sister in law’s nephews talking about how they like Instagram more than Facebook. Since I had interviewed my niece a few weeks ago on her preference of Instagram, I got them to kindly oblige to be on video for another blog post. Thank you Danny and Dylan for sharing your thoughts.

Danny shared that Facebook is more about sharing with family than interests. He feels that Facebook will not go away even though they have lost some of their cool factor. Danny got married a month ago. Facebook was the main platform he used for this lifetime milestone. He also has interests in cigars but prefers to share that interest on Instagram.

Dylan started out saying that he could not give up his Facebook profile. But the reasoning was interesting. It was more about the convenience of having all his logins to Spotify, Instagram and others through Facebook. It makes it easier for him not to forget his passwords. But when I asked him where he engages more, the answer was Instagram. (more…)

My Teen Niece Shares How She Uses Social Media

This recent video on CNN about Facebook becoming a wasteland for teens says that they are leaving Facebook and going to other social networks like Instagram and Twitter. Well, I have known this for a few years since my niece who is now 18 told me this about two years ago. At that time she thought Facebook had become boring.

The CNN video centered on the fact that alot of teens don’t necessarily want to be on Facebook where their parents and grandparents now hang out. I decided to give her a call about how she uses Social Media.

In summary, this is what she said:

Twitter- Not private
Instagram- Private

– She is using mainly Instagram because of the pictures and the apps for the ability to edit her own pictures and  add captions. She also likes the video feature.

– With Facebook, she says there is so much to do and that it’s time consuming where on Instagram, you just upload the picture and add a hashtag. I mentioned to her that you can just upload a picture on Facebook as well.  Based on what she said, I am guessing that she likes Instagram because it doesn’t have all those status updates about what people are doing. She says there is too much going on in Facebook. She prefers simplicity. (more…)

Hashtag on Jimmy Fallon

Hashtags are mainstream! If you are not in social media, check out this funny video making fun of what hashtags look like animated.

Blink, Picotales, Video Parties and Fun Socl! -Where Creativity Meets

Yep. Socl is Cool! And I love being one of the Community Managers on Socl! Today was an exciting day with a big launch of the new UI (User Interface) with cool new features like Picotale and Blink. You can read about it more on the FUSE Labs blog. I could write some more great things about it, but I am a bit fizzled since I have been at this all day. So later I will post more to tell you my experience on Socl.
If you don’t have a Windows Phone for the Blink App, you can create it on your desktop. More information on this link: Blink App

For now, this animated gif post sums it up. Click on the link to see the animations:

One of our active community members, Bodgan Caraman from Romania did a cool cliplet using Blink . He’s a great guy,so you can ask him any questions to help you out as well. He is a brilliant geek as well. He has lots of resources for freeware  and tech tips. But he also has his own grumpy cat. I guess he has a love hate thing with that famous grumpy cat.

grumpy_cat (more…)

Marriage Proposal on Vine : Social Media Brings Lovebirds Together


So what happens when two Social Media enthusiasts meet at a conference, start dating and fall in love? The answer, my friend, is a marriage proposal on Vine!

Curt Buthman ( @curtbuthman) and Marsha Collier (@marshacollier ) are now engaged.

Tonight it was featured on ABC’s Inside Edition:

Vine is an app and owned by Twitter automatically tweets the Vine video. The hashtag #willyoumarryme went viral.   So what do you think? I think it is very romantic and sweet. As Curt said on this Tweet,  it is what works for them.  So why not have some fun and share this magic moment with the world? (more…)

Scott Monty at Social Media Club South Florida

Scott Monty paid a visit to Social Media Club South Florida and gave a fabulous presentation on the social media strategies for Ford Globally. It al starts with the company creating a good product. More information to come with the video presentation.

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