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Miami Social Media Thought Leaders Radio Tweetup!

A Miami Tweetup live on Radio! Well, that is not what I was thinking when I got together a couple of my Twitter friends for Jim Fried’s 100th show celebration on his Fried On Business show on I wasn’t even thinking that it was a Tweetup until Mike La Monica mentioned it. And the whole rap song got going because I asked Carlos a simple question on Facebook pre-show, when we were yakking about the show. (more…)

Mom Spark Lesson – Protect Your Domain

A mother of two started a website a few years ago called She bought the .net domain because the .com was not available. Little did she know that in a few short years, her blog would end up blossoming into a huge community of mom bloggers.

All along, the person with the .com domain did not do anything with the domain, until now.  She legitimately owns the domain and although registered and secured the trademark, she cannot own the domain or even claim it unless the woman with the .com sells it to her. (more…)

How Do You Build A Social Media Community With A 1000 Friends

In this Social Media show with Jim Fried, I again try to motivate people who are on the sidelines to get out there and start creating some content they are passionate about. In this article by Techium, they speak about being able to make a living off of 1000 true fans. Now these are fans that would subscribe to your blog, set up google alerts about you and drive a couple of hours just to see you. If you have 1000 of these people spending $100 per year, you can realistically end up with a yearly income of $100,000. (more…)

Social Media Tips Miami With Local Buzz

This week’s Miami Social Media tips with Jim Fried on, I talked to Jim about Skype being down for a while. That is why I always say it is important to have your own platform, self hosted with backups because this way you always have control. Your website should be your hub, your home and the Social Media networks are the spokes on the wheel where you go out and share your content. What would happen if one day one of these big Social Media sites were to shut down? What would you do with all that content? This has already happened on several platforms. (more…)

Free Social Media Monitoring & Gap Logo Fail

Gap recently attempted to change their logo and in one short day, the posts on their Facebook wall was very negative. People voiced their opinions and Gap responded right away. The next day, the old logo was back. That is why it is important for brands and companies need to monitor what is being said about them.

One of the easiest free social media monitoring tools is to use  Google alerts. This can be created on your gmail account with your brand name or even taking it a step further with something like “hate brand name” , so the minute something is posted on cyberspace, you will be notified via email. You can also follow hashtags on twitter like “brandnamefail” to see if people are complaining. (more…)

Google Local Business Center & Social Media Week

In this radio show with Jim Fried, I talk about a cool virtual event held simultaneously in cities across the world called Social Media Week.  Crowd Source is a media company who is  creating a global platform on emerging trends in Social Media around the world. Some of the sponsors include Fast Company, Financial Times, Fox Network and many others. (more…)

Four Square Tips For Small Business

I talk about Social Media check ins on Foursquare, Trip It, Twitter and Facebook timelines like an individual time capsule, as an open journal that can stay embedded online forever, unless of course the internet shuts down. So it is important to be aware of what you post, and make sure you time capsule contributes to society in some way, even if it is sharing a good thought to someone. (more…)

Social Media Tips & Happenings on Twitter

When Jim Fried introduces me as the social media “guru”, I correct him and tell him that I don’t really want to be labeled as that. Social Media is filled with many people who are extremely talented and exceptional in this field. I cannot say that I am a guru because really, what makes a guru?There are great thought leaders that have been in this field much longer than me and whom I learn from. (more…)

Twitter Hashtag Builds Community

I did a hands on training with Jim Fried so he can get Twitter. He needed to have a visual demonstration, so I met up with him and had him do it instead of me explaining it to him. I think people sometimes learn better by doing it themselves while they are being guided.

We started out with adding a picture that he took of the new Marlins Stadium that is under construction. Instead of sending it out to his few 25 followers , I asked him to send it out with the #marlins  hashtag, and in the process experienced the power of joining a community through a hashtag on twitter. (more…)

Twitter Tips on

On my second radio show with Jim Fried at, we talk about the next step. Jim tested the waters with twitter, sort of…still need some training in getting into Twitter. I talk about some Twitter etiquette with links, how to set up lists on Twitter and how to find ideas for content.

Fried On Business Radio Show
Fried On Business Radio Show
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