Don’t Hire Me For My Potential, But For What I Have Already Done

The words in the title of this post, “Don’t hire me for my potential, but for what I already have done,” are in this video which was shared by a friend on Facebook. Her daughter, Teri Arvesu is the News Director for Univision in Chicago. Her comment is in the 5 minute, 15 second mark, but make sure you listen to the whole six minutes! She shares her journey from 11 years old to now.  The You Tube channel where the video is uploaded is the  Illinois Center for Broadcasting. So it seems that she is speaking to young adults who are soon to be in the workplace for the first time.

As an executive, Teri says that when she sees applicants that also have a website, blog or even a You Tube channel, it impresses her. This is exactly what I have been telling my son in the past few years. He is a senior at Florida International University (FIU) and is majoring in Marketing and International Business. Because he is one year away from being in the workforce, I decided during his break in between Spring and Summer semester to take him to various conferences that I got invited to as media.

My initial idea was for him to connect with agencies for an internship in the summer. We created a website with his own name about a year ago as part of his extended resume. We also got business cards printed with his name, website and title: FIU Marketing Student, Class of 2015. He gave them out to various people he met at the conferences, which included AHAA(Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies), Portada and Wordcamp Miami (where I was one of the speakers).

Happy Mothers Day everyone! I’ m stoked my son is here at Wordcamp Miami learning & of course watching me speak #wcmia

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Time Challenges In This Digital World

Group vision board creation at #destino2013

Today I was going to skip the 30 Day Social Media Blog Challenge #smcsfblog. I have so many things to do, yet when I do sit and take a few minutes and blog, I know I love it and am happy.  I have been blogging for five years and even though it has not been consistent because I work full time as a Social Media Consultant and Community Manager, my passion is what propels me to sit and write.

What I find with most clients I consult with who are beginning in social media and the blogging component that comes with it (if they choose to add that to the mix),  just freeze and don’t do anything. They listen to the suggestions, but do not implement mainly because of lack of time or resources to hire someone to do it for them.  I usually tell people that they have to dive in and make that commitment at least in the first year to get in a flow. (more…)

SMCSF Blog Challenge Starts & I Am Planning on Being Like Buddha


Well hello everyone….it’s been a busy year and here I am taking on the Social Media Club South Florida blogging challenge. To see all the other fellow bloggers, just f0llow the hashtag #smcsfblog. Don’t forget to click on “All” on the Twitter search, so you can see all the posts.

Whenever I go to an event and see my social media friends, I say ” I haven’t had time for blogging!” But the reality is that most of my work time for the past 15 months has been as a community manager for Microsoft FUSE Labs, Socl , pronounced social. This animated gif is one of the posts I did today.

So while I have not been on my blog or Twitter as much, I have been micro blogging in a way. I create easily between 10-20 posts in a day on any subject that interests me besides being a community manager where I interact with people all over the world. It is a fun job that has unleashed a lot of my creativity. But most important, I have had the the privilege to see the behind the scenes workings of how a social media network is built with an awesome team!

So I am going to stop saying, I don’t have time…because Buddha says…there is not time. Right? 😉
I’m up for the challenge and make this fun! 🙂

Oh and P.S., here is another one I did today because it is TGIF! Happy Friday everyone! If you want to know about Socl, check out this page.

Latina Bloggers Trip To The White House : An Unforgettable Experience

For the full blog post of my trip to the White House: Latina Bloggers At The White House

With Teresa Garza Inside The White House

Here are some pictures on my Flickr Account or you can see them on my Facebook Page so you can put the names to some of the faces since most are tagged: Top Bloguera Retreat 1st Day Reception  and At The White House & With Latina Executives – 2nd Day


Link to Latism National Recap with Links of all the Top Blogueras blog posts.

How Blogging Creates Community

View more videos at:

As an active blogger on my bilingual inspirational blog, Mi Caminar, I have become a part of a community of Latina & Latino Bloggers from different groups like Latism, Latina Bloggers Connect, Latina Lifestyle Bloggers, Blogs by Latinas and many, many other awesome individual bloggers. I’m lucky to have been able to attend several blogging conferences in the past years to meet many of these people in real life. (more…)

Content Marketing Is Queen!

Russell Sparkman Presents Content Is Marketing Gold from Fusionspark Media, Inc. on Vimeo.

Content Marketing is King..or shall we say Queen. The more you produce content in your niche the more that Google will know what you are about. Not only that, but you position yourself in the market on an expertise, hopefully one you are passionate about. After all, if you are a sole operator, creating quality content takes time.

I myself do not have time to update even on a weekly basis on this blog because I have a bilingual inspirational blog, Mi Caminar and most recently since I am traveling in Colombia and sharing my knowledge about wordpress and social media, I recently launched a Spanish social media blog, as they say in Español : redes sociales. I know it’s kind of crazy, but I do love blogging and sharing my knowledge and passion of communicating via this platform. It’s a bug that I can’t get rid of.

Social Media is about sharing your content. So even if it is not direct marketing, the fact that you have taken the time to produce something of value and if someone ends up finding it on the search engines or on a shared link on Twitter or Facebook is indirect marketing.  And if it helps a person in resolving an issue or serving their need, then they will reach out to you organically. That is the best kind of marketing and why I love this concept of content marketing.

Social Media Diversity & My Newfound Online Familias

I am going to be moderating a panel at She Con , a blogging conference, on Friday with two friends:

  • Maria de Los Angeles, who has been blogging for over five years at Sex And The Beach and a big part of the local social media community.
  • Jeannette Kaplun, of  Todo Bebe and a TV host on Viva La Familia on Univision.

The topic is going to be Diversity In Social Media.  While preparing for this topic, I found this presentation by Jason Buss of  Talent HQ.(   Not only does he present some good stats about Social Media, but gives a breakdown on the large amount of diversity  groups on Linked In and Facebook. (See Slides 15 and 16).


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