Canary Home Security Review

Canary Home Security Review

Disclosure: I am a Verizon Ambassador and received this device from Verizon. I have not been compensated to write this post. All opinions are my own. 

The Canary is a portable home security system where you can monitor activity remotely from an app. About 20 years ago, I remember a friend of mine having her whole house wired to monitor her kids activities after they got home from school from her desktop computer while at work. It was pretty sophisticated and probably cost her well over $10,000 at the time.

In today’s world that would probably run about $1000- $2000 or more plus activation, installation, set up, time to implement and monthly fees. This device retails for $249 and is super easy to install. So when I received the Canary, I was surprised of the simplicity and ease of use for having peace of mind.

When I open the app I can watch live. In this case, I had it armed while at home. You can disable that to not get notifications while at home. My son’s and my user are at the bottom says BM and SF. In this case, the house symbol shows I am home and he is away.


This is me standing in front of the Canary taking a screenshot. It detected activity, so the next screenshot shows a popup if I want to call the police. I could also press the “sound the siren” button from the app.

2015-05-18 01.15.38

2015-05-18 01.16.45

This was from last night where my son went downstairs and it detected the activity. You can tag, save the activity or make a comment so the other users can see. Notice the amazing quality in the dark!

2015-05-18 01.12.28




  • Can add up to 3 users view simultaneously.
  • You can set it up with various modes like privacy when you are at home and will arm when you leave.
  • It monitors temperature, humidity and air quality to understand how your home affects your health.
  • When setting up to your locations, it pulls in emergency number of Police.
  • Can monitor several Canary devices from the app.
  • No contracts or monthly fees.


  • Streaming live HD video, night vision and audio quality is great.
  • Easy set up and portable.
  • The app interface is easy to use and navigate through.
  • Siren sound of 90+ decibels would probably scare off a burglar. When you get a notification you can push a button to call the police right away. Also you can press the siren remotely if you suspect anything.
  • Portability could open to more uses like when vacationing and in a hotel.
  • Renter friendly since it is portable.


  • It is very sensitive and it takes some time for the device to learn what is normal movement. For example, my dogs barking.
  • When my son tried to check it away from the house to test it, about half of the time, it took long time to load and at times didn’t load at all. He had WIFI at his university and 4G network from Verizon and tested it both ways.  (Note: Inside the house, it always loads right away.)
  • You need more than one to monitor the whole house.
  •  Would have to be strategically placed in an area where it is not so visible and at the same time get the most radius of the home.

Here are some screenshots during the set up:

Location set up so it can determine closest Police Station,

Emergency Medical Services and Fire Department.



Easy Set up. Just connect with the cables and you are all set!


Different modes depending on whether you are at home or away. Can set up privacy when at home. It stores up to 50 videos in the cloud for 90 days.



I really love this home security system. I just have to work with it a little more to tell it certain motions are OK so it can be a more intelligent alerter. But not bad for a portable device!