My Teen Niece Shares How She Uses Social Media

by Blanca Stella on November 4, 2013

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This recent video on CNN about Facebook becoming a wasteland for teens says that they are leaving Facebook and going to other social networks like Instagram and Twitter. Well, I have known this for a few years since my niece who is now 18 told me this about two years ago. At that time she thought Facebook had become boring.

The CNN video centered on the fact that alot of teens don’t necessarily want to be on Facebook where their parents and grandparents now hang out. I decided to give her a call about how she uses Social Media.

In summary, this is what she said:

Twitter- Not private
Instagram- Private

- She is using mainly Instagram because of the pictures and the apps for the ability to edit her own pictures and  add captions. She also likes the video feature.

- With Facebook, she says there is so much to do and that it’s time consuming where on Instagram, you just upload the picture and add a hashtag. I mentioned to her that you can just upload a picture on Facebook as well.  Based on what she said, I am guessing that she likes Instagram because it doesn’t have all those status updates about what people are doing. She says there is too much going on in Facebook. She prefers simplicity.

-Twitter is more instant, and she can have more one on one conversations. She also likes the ability to see what famous people are Tweeting.

- She is conscious of what she Tweets because she doesn’t know who is reading all her Tweets, so she is not as open as she would be on Facebook. But she likes that she can interact with different people besides her friends.

-Pinterest is not something she is using as much because not many of her friends are there and when she went on there, she couldn’t figure it out.  It seemed a little complicated, but she liked that you can get some creative ideas for pictures there. She is open to trying it again.

- She only uses You Tube for music, not for watching funny videos. She doesn’t make any comments on videos or engages there.

-She doesn’t think that Facebook is going away. Even though My Space dropped off, she says it is still there. So she thinks the same as Facebook, it might drop off but it will always be there.

There you have it! From my beautiful 18 year old niece, Marcela. And by the way, she is my friend on Instagram and Facebook. She doesn’t have an issue having her aunt as her social media friend icon wink My Teen Niece Shares How She Uses Social Media


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  • Jeff Zelaya

    You are the cool auntie to follow on social media so I totally see why she has no issue connecting with you on instagram & facebook. Great insight! I’m getting similar feedback from my teenage sister too.

  • Jussara

    My 18 year old niece is quite the same like yours. Western teens are the same wherever they are (she is in Brazil).

  • blancastella

    Yes they are! It would be interesting to see if some small platform becomes huge in just a few years and they all flock to it.

  • blancastella

    Thanks Jeff. I forgot you have a teenage sister! I am sure you can get lots of insights from her. Now I have many more questions to ask my niece :)

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