Content Curation Tools

I’m very happy to speak at my friend Karla Campos conference, Florida Social Con which will be held at Florida International University. It will be about content curation tools.

Curation Tools at Florida Social Conference

This is the presentation I did in 2013 at Wordcamp Miami ago which includes some WordPress Plugins like Listly and I don’t use some of the tools in that presentation since new ones have come up since then.

Mashable Social Media Day South Florida Celebration


I’m very excited to be co-organizing Social Media Day South Florida  this year. This is an event that is promoted by Mashable and any city in the world can host their own Social Media Day.

We have been celebrating for the past five years and this year, it will be at the Hyatt Pier 66 in Ft. Lauderdale. Besides being a part of the team, I will also be speaking on getting up to speed in SEO.


Social Media Day was started very grassroots by the local social media influencers. It has grown to a full fledged day with over 30 local speakers of topics in everything digital. Check out the schedule here and don’t forget to get your tickets!Continue reading

Setting Up Your Digital Footprint

This is my presentation at the Bloggers Business Bootcamp at Casalatina Home Expo. My journey with Digital Marketing started with a personal blog and has developed into a full fledged digital marketing career.

This presentation is like a little toolbox to get you started online without breaking the bank and by no means a comprehensive list. It contains a list of my favorite tools after trying out many. Let me know what tools have worked for you.



Canary Home Security Review

Disclosure: I am a Verizon Ambassador and received this device from Verizon. I have not been compensated to write this post. All opinions are my own. 

The Canary is a portable home security system where you can monitor activity remotely from an app. About 20 years ago, I remember a friend of mine having her whole house wired to monitor her kids activities after they got home from school from her desktop computer while at work. It was pretty sophisticated and probably cost her well over $10,000 at the time.

In today’s world that would probably run about $1000- $2000 or more plus activation, installation, set up, time to implement and monthly fees. This device retails for $249 and is super easy to install. So when I received the Canary, I was surprised of the simplicity and ease of use for having peace of mind.

When I open the app I can watch live. In this case, I had it armed while at home. You can disable that to not get notifications while at home. My son’s and my user are at the bottom says BM and SF. In this case, the house symbol shows I am home and he is away.


This is me standing in front of the Canary taking a screenshot. It detected activity, so the next screenshot shows a popup if I want to call the police. I could also press the “sound the siren” button from the app.

2015-05-18 01.15.38Continue reading

Social Media Influence in a Celebrity Tweet

Last week I attended a Latina blogger conference called We All Grow. You can see my recap post in my personal bilingual blog, Micaminar. Neutrogena was the title sponsor and it was announced there that Eiza Gonzalez was the new spokesmodel for Neutrogena. She is a beautiful 25 year old Mexican actress and singer.


At the Neutrogena suite, many bloggers wanted to take pictures with her. There were so many cameras and people around and I really didn’t want to wait in line. So I managed to take a picture just at the right time when she was posing with Ana Flores, the founder of the conference. It was totally spontaneous. I tweeted it right away without know that Eiza had 1 million followers. I honestly did not know much about Eiza and then I saw my twitter notifcations blow up. Eiza had retweeted and then I got over 100 retweets in that day alone.
celebrity-tweetsContinue reading

Social Media Marketing Predictions 2015


Who would have thought that Facebook would have bought What’s App in February for $16 billion ($4 billion in cash, 12 billion in stock)  back in 2013. It was a huge surprise. Personally, I didn’t use it that much until some of my cousins in Colombia added me to their chat groups. Now I use it every single day and chat to about 40 aunts and cousins on a daily basis.

Not only that, I showed my father how to use it. He is 82 and living in Miami, communicates with his 4 sisters, nieces and nephews who live in Colombia every day. That is priceless. When he doesn’t communicate for over 8 hours, like when he is playing golf, his sisters want to know where he is at.

According to the New York Times, What’s App is now valued at $28 billion even though it lost money. Currently, What’s App doesn’t have ads and I predict that by March, 2015 ads on What’s App will start rolling in. It took one and a half years for Facebook to announce that ads were rolling into Instagram. At the moment, only certain brands with a large following have access to them.Continue reading

UE Boom And Some Fun Ways To Use It


I am so excited to share a review of the UE Boom because last year, I was eyeing it at Verizon and reallllyyyy wanted to give it to my son as a Christmas present. As I mentioned in my recent post, my 21 year old son, Sal, is a music fanatic. He is constantly streaming music from his phone and  prefers to listen to music than watch TV. In fact, the only time he sits to watch TV is to watch sports like the Miami Heat basketball game.

The main app he uses the most is Soundcloud because it has very little advertising compared to Pandora and Spotify. Soundcloud’s ads show up like sponsored posts in Facebook, but not all the time. He says that Soundcloud is the place where musicians put their music first. Check out his profile so you can see what artists he follows. The genres are deep house, future base, experimental and tropical house.Continue reading

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