On My Way To Ford Trends 2014 in Detroit!

by Blanca Stella on June 23, 2014

I am super exciting to the invitation Ford Motor Company has extended to me for the second year to attend their Ford Trends Conference in Detroit!

The topics will be:

  • Decoding Design
  • Sustainability
  • Big Data
  • Female Frontier

I will be Tweeting from @micaminar and my Instagram @micaminar , so make sure you follow me to keep up to date. The hashtag is #fordtrends.

Besides that, our Ford Millennials will be there too!

Ford Trends Conference 2014 On My Way To Ford Trends 2014 in Detroit!

And can’t wait to what they will be unveiling!


Social Media Club South Florida Speed Networking

by Blanca Stella on May 15, 2014

social media miami Social Media Club South Florida Speed Networking
Yesterday I was part of Social Media Club South Florida Speed Networking Event. This was a different setting than most of our events which are usually speakers or panels. We had over 60 attendees and 10 tables with rounds lasting about 20 minutes. I was the person moderating the blogging table.

Some of the topics I covered were:

  • Blogging networks for sponsored posts
  • How to connect with people in social media once a blog is set up ( Twitter parties, hashtags in specific niche, Facebook groups)
  • How to create a specific voice for a brand and should a brand have a blog.
  • How should a brand create more social good.
  • How to be found on Google. ( I also do SEO and Local Search besides Social Media Consulting)

Besides the how to’s, I shared how important it is to be consistent and not give up. My blogs are not so big with a ton of traffic, but I have built a great social influence online and offline because I attend many events in my niche and continue the conversations online. It has been a process of growing it organically. One step at a time. [click to continue…]


Speaking at Wordcamp Miami

by Blanca Stella on April 19, 2014

wordcamp miami speakers Speaking at Wordcamp Miami

Photo credit: My friend Karla Campos, from Social Media Sass who is also speaking.

I am super excited to announce that I will be speaking for the second time May 11th at Wordcamp Miami  I did a presentation two years ago on security plugins to protect your website from being hacked. This time, in collaboration with my business partner Lee Hodson at my web development agency, VizRED. 

The topic of the presentation that I will be speaking on will be ‘So Obvious, You Miss It!’  Sometimes there are little things that drive me crazy finding or figuring it out, and bam! all it took was that one little tip to make my life easier with WordPress.

Update: May 12, 2014: Link on my web development agency where Lee made a series of blog posts of the presentation and the embedded presentation. The beginning part was live, but the blog posts have detailed screenshots so you can understand what I talked about.

This is a summary description:

You know they’re there. You ignore them. You see them every day. You ignore them. You know they’re useful. You still ignore them! Come see the not invisible, not even hidden yet so in your face you miss them parts of WordPress and learn a few dos and don’ts about editing posts, editing plugins, editing themes and adding code excerpts along the way.

At the moment, the tickets are sold out. But you can get on a waiting list.

Miami Herald write up of the event




Speaking at FIU to Millennials

by Blanca Stella on April 8, 2014

speaking miami FIU Speaking at FIU to Millennials

Happy to announce  I will be doing a class at FIU to help you create a multimedia online resume. It will be in a computer lab so you can get hands on skills. This is a first of a series and the next one will include live stream so others from outside of Miami can also participate. It is open to anyone, not just students.

FIU is my alma mater so I am super excited about this. I’ve been sharing a lot of my knowledge of WordPress to my son and now I can share it with other student’s!! My partnership in a project I’m doing with Ford Espanol is what triggered me to find a way that I can help youth to prepare for their future.

speaking at fiu Speaking at FIU to Millennials

The project I am doing with Ford Espanol is called #FordMillennials. We are creating a digital space on Facebook to support Millennials in the ideas, projects or work. Besides the group, we are also having online chats on Twitter and offline events.


ANA Brand Masters Marketing Conference Recap

by Blanca Stella on March 24, 2014

ana brand masters 2014 ANA Brand Masters Marketing Conference Recap

The 2014 ANA Brand Masters Conference presented by Mashable started off with pre-conference session by Marc de Swaan Arons, founder of Effective Brands. He shared insights from the Marketing 2020 Study of 11,000 participants in 92 countries. More information about the study is on their website.

A Mini Pulse Check™ was conducted during the session where the marketing executives scored and ranked their marketing team with with key drivers such as:

  • Big Insights- Being able to leverage data and analytics to improve marketing effectiveness.
  • How connected Marketing is with senior leaders from other departments.
  • How inspired everyone in the organization is with purpose.
  • Clarity of the roles and responsibilities with regard to digital. [click to continue…]

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My Live Tweets At ANA Brand Masters Conference

by Blanca Stella on March 24, 2014

My live tweets during the ANA Brand Masters Conference in Hollywood, Florida.

Recap post: ANA Brand Masters Conference

Link to highlighted tweets during the conference: Tweets ANA Brand


ana brand masters conference session 2014 My Live Tweets At ANA Brand Masters Conference [click to continue…]


Ana Brand Masters Conference Tweet Highlights

by Blanca Stella on March 24, 2014

ana brand master 2014 Ana Brand Masters Conference Tweet Highlights

Tweet Highlights from conference attendees at the  Ana Brand Masters Conference in Hollywood Florida February 26-28, 2014
Recap post: ANA Brand Masters Conference

My Live Tweets At ANA Brand

[click to continue…]


Happiness Culture at Buffer

by Blanca Stella on February 1, 2014

Now this is a place to work at! I recently amped my use of Buffer when I discovered how easy it is to spread all those great links I read around the web on my Android.  Check out their Happiness Culture based on Dale Carnegie’s classic and timeless book: How To Win Friends and Influence People. I’m a going to be a flittering Buffermaniac this year and spread some happiness around the world. icon wink Happiness Culture at Buffer


Pros and Cons of Facebook and Instagram – Perspectives from Two Millennials

November 30, 2013

The other day during our Thanksgiving celebration, I heard my sister in law’s nephews talking about how they like Instagram more than Facebook. Since I had interviewed my niece a few weeks ago on her preference of Instagram, I got them to kindly oblige to be on video for another blog post. Thank you Danny […]

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Social Media at Democracy in The Americas Symposium #ditas13

November 26, 2013

Post by DITA Symposium. I was honored recently to work for the  Zambrano Foundation for two days live Tweeting and posting on Facebook on their behalf. They hosted the Democracy in the Americas Symposium. I have done this before at other conferences like Festival of Media and Portada.  But for some reason, I was kind […]

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